When last I carried

All I want to do is sit by the moon
It is never too soon

To run away
Seek a hideaway

The world is plenty
Yet so empty

This is where I’ll be
Sitting by the sea

Waiting on nothing more
Somewhere offshore

Come, come away with me!
Sing away gravity

Heavy thoughts, yearn to be free
Burdens, carry, carrying me

My tongue is twisted
Gaze, lifted

Come, sit by the moon
Run, run away with me!

L. 10/28/14 0323


Les deeses: on a change

Tell me


You want me to tell you a story
Speak of a woman I never met
Draw on kismet
Sing the glorious experiences in dalliances past

You want me
Call on memory, color it happy
Say “joy, joy, was he!”

As the pain
Buries, buries me
Without a veil, no tears in sight
I write my story

Not as fantasy, but a plea
For those who will be, like me
Before the years’ sorrow
Dawns on the ‘morrow

What of me, the wind of fate,
Proclaimed in fierce embrace!
And if ever chance did await
I ran, I ran apace!

Hear not such liberties!
Hollering am I to the breeze
I, exempt of all species
The lessons of them to seize

But just a girl
Sunrise upon my face
Grown in a twirl
Faith ever erased

Vile, Unkind, Eros was to me
His bows kept striking free
Joy and peace
And left me on my knees!

L. 06/16/14 13:51

“Tell me, do you want to be my afterthought?”

Sinful bliss


I’ve gotten used to being
spoon-fed with love
how your hands cup me in bed!
The unique soliloquy of silence,
muffled by the union of our breaths
a road long forgotten
brought into a journey that’s just begun
I’m being spoiled with love
and I like it
there seems to never be enough
thirsty for your every touch
as you fill my cup and I swallow you in
you are not much mine as I am to my skin
but we are one as you cover me whole
I’m going insane with wanting
more and more of a giving that’s unceasing
is this love?
I don’t want to know
I love the skin you’re in
your words that pull me to the brink
“vini m pale w”
as I sit, unmoving at your feet
I want it all
your whispers, your sadness
your laughter, your heart-speak
I want it all
and for the first time it’s okay
L. 01/25/14 0400

Strange flowers

I don’t want to change the world
or what’s inside you
I want to eat cake with butter on top
arroz con pollo, hold the achiote
crepes a l’Aubergine
no, some pikliz lakay
you don’t even know what it is
but now you think you know me
just by the way I say “pee-k-lease”
It’s from lakay where you think
you know from my accent
it’s not Jamaica, there is more than
that in the Caribbean seas
but it’s easy too easy why you don’t
even bother but to stare
glare and ostracize

if there was a world to change
I would start with your eyes
pour black and white script
in those pupils, stir the lateral
orifices with vernacular like
sameness, human
wipe away conviction
it’s iron gate in your veins
speaking otherness, unacceptable
atrocious, appalling
but I won’t
I refuse on the grounds of






L. 1/7/13 2111

In memory of Seraphine De Senlis!

“La Vie d’Artiste”

“Make haste to transmit your share of wonder, of rebellion, of goodness so you are not lagging behind life the one denied you everyday by people and things the one you obtain here and there some fragments of at the end of merciless battles…” (René Char) And what goodness and wonder and rebellion we have to share is our art. That is what we do as artists: we share our passion, our need to create beauty to respond to life’s cruelties, to let its mark be there on the edges of this harsh, violent world. Nothing is more powerful than art in a wicked world. It is the only thing that makes life tolerable. Dostoevsky said ‘Art will save the world’. It is true because “we are luminous, we human beings. We are alight in that we have been given a light through our creator, through a gift of nature…” So we must share that light, combine it with other lights to dispel darkness and chaos. In a world filled with headlines of disasters and fear, we need to turn to art for a place to nourish the heart and soul.” Michelle Voltaire Marcelin
Tchenbe red pa moli

Caterpillar in flight

until I reach the end of the earth
I will hold you in a cup of grace
under a duvet of forgiveness

on the wings of potential

fly freely
we all do

windows of opportunity

birds don’t swim in tarred-
oceans of flickering sunlight
bemoaning adventure

try as we may
pray as we do
things hardly ever go our way

I will hold onto you
I will!
like you always say
“You’re my butterfly in waiting”

L. 12/21/12 0600

ON IRONY: Isn’t it something how the road not taken haunts you most? Isn’t it something that the men who want you most, are the most caring, kind and loving men aren’t yours to begin with?

“Oh, how powerfully the magnet of illusion attracts.” ~ Karl Ferdinand Gutzkow