Friend ’till the end!

has purpose forgotten me?
I look around wanting a friend
someone I can call to spend,
minutes that can’t be forgotten
shared laughter gifted to the wind.
open wide the other side,
how living ought to be!
sit tight, break bread
sip wine, twirl a bit
a crocheted connection along life’s end-ing.
sometimes in the maybe of tomorrow’s fold.
many are near. None so dear as my bitterest friend.

all are seeking,
as if seeking is its own demand.
I smile and gaze
at times, I say hello;
for a moment, a sign! recognition!
too often-a-miss.
loneliness, oh faithful friend!
how can I ever let go of your holding hand?
Much as I wish not for despair,
you’re always there,
a stare! a glare!
and I’m woven into your sleeve of chances, perhaps
purpose has forgotten me!

L. 09/03/15 16:45


It was but a dream!

only the hopeful loves
as sweet as poetry
and the unbroken so heartedly!
I was
once upon a lifetime,
both in one breath!
’till I tasted earth
In her bitterness,
withholding air.
In the abyss,
I bowed to her torment.
birthed in memories of long-drawn out wishes,
wrapped in grandiose designs
As if I could!
Innocence, poor tale bearer!
baptized in love,
when a fool believes, it would always last!

L. 08/28/15 20:41



Cover me!

Cover me,
If i could scream I would
Instead of holding it together
A smiling face
Craving a sweet embrace

Cover me
Cover me strong
I’m falling
Always seeking
My world is falling apart
A place
I can’t erase

Cover me
Cover me whole
You that I want
My face against your chest
Comfort, egress

I’m holding on
Saying, I’m strong
But I don’t belong
I don’t belong

Cover me
Cover me whole!

L. 08/12/15 13:29


Volcano: Crash course to you!

It’s been close to five years,
nearly sixty months and so many days,
I’ll start singing, “seasons of love”.
As if you were part of a show
or an act in a theater of design.
Were you a show?

Or just a display
in a basket filled with wonderings,
pretty things,
tasty morsels
and colorful pots of poetry
inked in shades of effervescent minutes?
Whatever it was, whatever you were,
indescribable isn’t a chapter,
nor a statement.
How can I, a writer or so you’d call me,
pen you?
I’d be a fool,
not of the sea!
But of mind and spirit too!
How you knocked my senses!
Pushed my limits!
And ruptured my barriers!
You, the lava!
I, your burn!

I burned!

For you!

Erupting in places,
exposing dreams!
Oh! the holey places I never realized or knew!

Now I’m nothing,
but carcass, ash!
On a plateau of memories,
awaiting forgetfulness.
But you won’t let go!

The simmer in my veins,
dormant, yet alive!
So alive!

L. 08/12/15 12:39



Will I find you?

If I go looking,
will I find you?
Should I make arrangements?
A sweet rendez-vous?
Would you meet me there?

Will I find you?

And if you so please,
sit by the bay,
listen to the sway,
of the leaves, ’round-about
and watch the seagulls take flight?
I’ll take you there!
Maybe someday,
if ever I found the way!
I want to tell you sweet things,
unless nature whispered my secrets.
The moments spent telling them all about you
how I’d find myself jealous of the night that covers you,
jealous of the moon that pulls your eyes and of the sun that follows you.
Oh so jealous of your shadow, always near!
And of the rain that kisses your skin!
I am jealous of all that beholds you,
wishing that I could too!!
You’re the robber of my peace, yet it’s you that I desire.
You’re the wrecking ball of my senses, the aftermath of my storm.
How can I love one who did me so wrong!
You’re the thief of my sleep, the captain of my wants.
You’re the apple, I am the seed.
Without, I have no shelter!
You’re the itch that feels too good the longer I scratch.
You’re the lingering burn from the oven range.
You’re the tingling pain on the tip of my tongue from hot caramel drops.
You’ll never change and I’ll keep on taking you.

If I go looking,
will I find you?

L. 08/10/15 2032