First, always, last!

I fell in love with your words more than your skin
You walked in my daydreams,
captured my breath, swallowed my peace!
I called you warrior and light!
In the blue expanse of nothingness
Everything took flight!

Sights of rainbows on moonless nights!
Stars shining in broad daylight!
I fell for your secrets and might,
the merriment of your delight,
embraced your madness
which birthed me: “a goddess
in a temple of him!”

I saw a midnight sky in your eyes
that took me a while to discard.
The familiarity, an echo within!
And in the smidgen of understanding:
a sonnet inked in “you”.

L. 07/29/15 21:46

“The first time ever I saw your face, your face, your face.” Roberta Flack



In these arms of mine,
I find

There, between my breasts,
more than desolation,
loss, in seasons

In my bosom: consolation.
Carved across my chest
in dearth of fleeting passion:

A dead fish floats.
Wading in oblivion.
Waiting to emote.
One more chance, a reason!

In these arms of mine
I found!

L. 07/29/15 12:42



when you dipped inside her lips

slaying content between her hips
stirring fire in an eclipse

when you mouthed countenance
taking sips of bliss
she moaned in wisps
yesterday’s breath-
until you came

a draft.


a thirst.

a crime: the depth of an embrace!

L. 07/10/15 0800



the days are run-ons
within an indeterminate book.
pages, ending with slumber.
a volume. thick-with-minutes,
stamped in languid seconds.
chapters are few,
how it is like. without!
wake. do. rest. wake. do. rest.
time etches remembrance in creases of self.
I feel depleted, carved by her hands,
feeble to her touch
she’s marking. I’m pacing.
where do we go from here?

L. 05/02/15 01:28



It is 3 O’clock passed forever

The memories remain the same
when your smile held me in place,
your arms setting me free

Never knew that wings weigh heavy
at the outpost of love’s embrace
taking wind without a trace

Motion is forward, upwards
into nether, nowhere a face.

Gray skies. Blue moon,
sunlight that’s not the same!

It’s half past three,
that feels like yesterday’s promises
girthed in you and me!

L. 04/27/15 0645

Happy poetry month to all!