It was but a dream!

only the hopeful loves
as sweet as poetry
and the unbroken so heartedly!
I was
once upon a lifetime
both, in one breath!
’till I tasted earth
In her bitterness,
withholding air.
In the abyss,
I bowed to her torment.
birthed in memories of long-drawn out wishes,
wrapped in grandiose designs
As if I could!
Innocence, poor tale bearer!
baptized in love,
when a fool believes, it would always last!

L. 08/28/15 20:41



4 thoughts on “It was but a dream!

      1. Oh! Wap fè m pèdi pain kotidyen m wi la avèk bel kout ” miss you darling” sa yo lo. A souvenir, you will get lol bisous partout.


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