Friend ’till the end!


has purpose forgotten me?
I look around wanting a friend
someone I can call to spend,
minutes that can’t be forgotten
shared laughter gifted to the wind.
open wide the other side,
how living ought to be!
sit tight, break bread
sip wine, twirl a bit
a crocheted connection along life’s end-ing.
sometimes in the maybe of tomorrow’s fold.
many are near. None so dear as my bitterest friend.

all are seeking,
as if seeking is its own demand.
I smile and gaze
at times, I say hello;
for a moment, a sign! recognition!
too often-a-miss.
loneliness, oh faithful friend!
how can I ever let go of your holding hand?
Much as I wish not for despair,
you’re always there,
a stare! a glare!
and I’m woven into your sleeve of chances, perhaps
purpose has forgotten me!

L. 09/03/15 16:45


6 thoughts on “Friend ’till the end!

  1. Loneliness is not a bad thing. It is not what one lacks, but rather what one is. Existentialism philosophy taught us that loneliness is an experience to be welcomed rather than banished. Loneliness forces us to reflect on life’s eternal questions: What is life really about? How should I use my freedom to define myself?


      1. Hmmm! You got it wrong honey. I think I am more of an optimist than a nihilism. After all, a nihilist is one with a total rejection of moral principles. And you know it is not the case for me.


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