All the feelings!


And I laid there in his arms. What it’s like being held. Pretending I am loved. Pretending he will be there when I have nowhere to turn. Even though I know the truth, the reality for my being here. With this stranger in a comely bed. I’m trying to forget. Forget I have no one, no friends, no family. What it will be like when the kids are gone and I have no more reason to get out of bed. His gaze is somewhere else, maybe the next chick or his job or the girl who broke his heart or the wife he is probably hiding somewhere. But for tonight he is in my bed. Oh! This strange bed, trying to forget. Feeling like a conqueror, lighting his ego. When wanting is all you have there’s nothing more fulfilling than getting, even in passing, even without meaning.

We try to forget. Where we are. Who we are. What we lack. What’s missing. And we escape through the gasps of welcoming arms, even though we are strangers this night.

The best place to get lost is in plain sight!

Isn’t it strange how the physical act of connection can leave you disconnected? Guess it’s what it’s like when you’re just a tool!