Ramblings on a Thursday morning


I could live within poems, good poetry that peels the essence of my being!

I find I’m more at ease amongst strangers. The familiar assumes, the strangers presume, but they, they don’t matter much for I hold no expectations from people who are called to witness and underline I am here. Strangers are props, the familiar are tests, stumbling blocks to who I am meant to be.

I don’t know whether I am in a good place or a bad place. I am in a place that feels quite familiar. It is neither peaceful nor joyful, contrary. I don’t know what to call it. It doesn’t even resemble hope. I am in a place that feels beautiful.

Maybe it’s acceptance? Should I call it, label it, define it? For a mind that thinks too much I want to think it through. But that heart of mine that has been weary for so long seeks not to.

I will leave it be, that place!

May it be!!!

Bonjour la vie!