Don’t apologize for your journey!


I look around at bodies, smiles painted on faces. People milling about, going places, making plans all for happiness’ sake. How many of us ever reach the apex of our becoming with our light shining bright?

Some say it’s about the journey, not necessarily the destination. Yet we strive towards the end point. Maybe that’s why the journey can feel so wasteful, unnerving.

Where are we going?

Despite how we explain our becoming, we all seek a few things, the necessities, peace, happiness; these the real destination we long for.  The hurdle is getting there daily, with every step without questioning the bouts and shouts.

I had two encounters recently. Each one was about the struggle, building and tearing apart, the pull and the hold. We are levers, churning spits of fire where we can.

As I feel I’m being undone yet again, I am not the only one. We need to break to make. Metamorphosis, the blending between undoing and remaking. We are all changing, going through stuff, yet I am alone. We are alone. In this journey called life, we are truly all alone.