Not as they seem, nor as it could!



Read about gratefulness and thought about all the tidbits I thank God for, often, what I take pleasure in. It’s just I rarely write about them or blog about them. They feel like dessert we often don’t like to share or sensation we get from a kiss, a hug, kindness or lovemaking. They do something to you no word can express. They exist within an intimate space, a personal level beyond a list of things you don’t ever wish to take for granted.

Oprah once said to have a diary solely dedicated to what you’re thankful for and write daily anything you can think of that occurred throughout the day. They would make your life filled full, would give you purpose and serve as reminders that life is or can be good. It will add balance. After all life isn’t a bed of pricks, there are soft feathers along the way to rest upon.

We all take the usual for granted like the clean air we breathe in the US, clean water, food aplenty, a bed, some have jobs and money in the bank too. Those are such the norm here we take them as a given, until something happens to remind us they are all gifts really. By chance, or luck, through work not guaranteed we have so much comfort here.

What has life gifted us all with? Air, breath, our bodies no matter the love hate relationship one may feel towards it and not much else. We all start out with those basics. Perspective defines the rest. Focused attention add meaning to everything else, our encounters and wherever our senses tend to when we do attend to the perplexities of the yielding.

I’m grateful for many things, one isn’t pain or the steps leading to pain. I have not evolved into the realm of appreciating pain. If it hurts, I don’t like it and there’s no amount of lessons or good I perceive out of it that could possibly erase the hurt and the pain.

That’s what happens when you’re more about thought and logic, sensations, feelings swirl aromas on everything around you. How do you appreciate what stings and smells? How?

I can’t say I’m grateful for my journey. I will say it’s a journey. It’s the one I’ve been given. And these past few years have been marked with lots of pain, losses, tears, a whole lot that I’d never want to live again. Shit happens and as it stands it’s been quite shitty, I can also admit I am thankful for many aspects of my life. All of them I see as gifts. They give me joy. They soothe my heart and energize me.

I’m an oddball for saying this but the most important gift I am grateful for besides health is consistency. I’m thankful for consistency, being able to wake up in a home I love, within a city I enjoy, walking in my community, knowing wherever I go this is where I will spend my nights, I am so thankful for. My babies, their smiles, their stories, how they are learning about life, building friendships.

Gratefulness doesn’t change what we are going through or the reality we are facing. Gratefulness enhances the good in our life, what works, what is working, I wish I could say being grateful will pay your mortgage or heal your cancer. It doesn’t. It doesn’t even make life worth living, it adds balance. And we all need that.

Today I’m grateful for connecting with Jennie at the Mac counter, Tanya at the Wow health spa, Renata the facialist and Fritz at the Badgley Mischka store. These interactions gave me life. Thank you for being you!