The way he rolls!


There is something about a man who owns his masculinity,  which is that controlled magnetism that speaks ownership, control and power. Masculine takes over wherever it goes. It’s not forced at all.


Doesn’t happen often but when it does,  it’s such a joy to behold. I enjoy old school Manhood when a man owns the room without speaking and his stance brings about a sense of comfort and protection.


It’s not often a man can command my senses by being all man.


He speaks what he wants without ordering but you know he means even word. He has follow through, presence.  He says what he means and he says. He is dependable. You can rely on him. Close your eyes,  let go and know he got this.


He calls to say hello but for a few minutes so you’ll know he made time for you because he wanted to and needs you to know he’s thinking of you and cares. He offers his jacket when you’re cold,  carries you to the car when your feet hurt. He makes plans, taking it upon himself to entertain you. Find the plave, make resevagions, purchases the tickets, arrives at the stated time and confirms you’re okay with it all and are having fun.  His thoughtfulness through inquiry, action and reaction are consistent,  reliable.


He is a rock in a storm you’d want to last just because he is there.


When he makes himself weak, vulnerable to reach you, his strength echoes through.


That man, the way he rocks and rolls without prompting, warning,  or threat.  He is the storm to be reckoned with.

PS: we all have a love language, the difficulty is in finding your linguistic partner at the exact time she’s looking for symbiotic immersion. Lol.