The evidence of things not seen


Somewhere out there

Someone is rooting for you. Someone is standing near spurring you on. Someone cares. It is greater than what you see, all that you believe. Though you may not comprehend why you’re going through what you’re growing into, someone wants the best for you.

When want isn’t outcome and reality uproots dreams. When breath is expiration more than life. When emptied though unbroken. When nothing amounts to anything and you can’t understand why.

Someone is standing by. Someone is watching.

Someone is rooting for you.


The most certain of all certainties: “This too shall pass.” Nothing ever stays the same. It may not be as we say “alright”,  it surely won’t remain how it is, This I know for sure. Until then, bide time, await the shift. Transition is hardly painless, always cathartic.