Where do you turn when you have nowhere to go?

Some say to God. God is whom many turn to, seek when they have nothing. Because he is everything. When everything doesn’t run to you, you’re less than nothing. Would you still do?

The Bible says it is harder for a rich man to get in the kingdom of God. The truth is the poor has nowhere to go but to hope. Hope is for the poor, why would you need hope when you can buy your way to goods, health somewhat, joy?

Do we choose hope, because we have nothing? It’s admirable when one has everything and still chooses God. It is proof that God fills a gaping hole that none other or thing can.

It is the rich that supports the need for God. When you have what the world sees as everything and yet still seek, need him, admitting and realizing he alone completes you I’d say, he is more than exhaled. I don’t want to need God as a gifted of goods and dislike this idea of hope. Hope is the elixir of the downtrodden, the broken and the poor.

One must need God beyond food and shelter. He is more than the giver of health and hope of long life, a thereafter.

God is this puzzle maker, ingenious craftsman, discussed by all, known by none. He is above all things, alpha and omega.

God is love but strict. He is a ruler. He makes and breaks.

God is.

Is there a need of God if he never answers your prayers, if you never get out what you put in? Would you still believe if his promises are compromised?