Happiness my ass!



Some folks see me as negative when I say I can’t be happy when I’m broke, or hit at peace or more so when I’m in a place I feel safe or everything is working towards me achieving and being successful? Why is that? When bombs, tornadoes and hurricanes come through is it happiness you’re feeling? Do tell!

Should we not want more out of life? When has it been bad for anyone to want more of anything that will make them feel good, successful, at peace, joyful? Isn’t that why we strive to be better in sports, in our relationships, as human beings and to seek completion in whatever we start with? So why do we fake the funk, push the idea of happiness as a state we can maintain despite lack? What is happiness exactly? Google and Webster can tell us. However, how we define happiness comes from what we aspire to, a state of being no one can define for us. What some call happiness, I refer to as acceptance, contentment. And what I refer to as happiness they believe is how they live everyday when they tell themselves they decide to be happy. Happiness like love isn’t something we decide to do. It’s a combination of wants, chemistry, summed in the unexplainable.

When I was married and my husband would be at the door, I would jump and rush to the door. I would be so happy to see him. There was this dance I used to do and a song “girls, daddy’s hoooome”. On and on I would go, so glad he came home to be with us. I would go on about my day and sit on his lap until he begged to go shower or eat. He said he noted things were off between us when I stopped doing that. Happiness is genuine. It borders on elation, a sensation no one can maintain for too long a period. It isn’t I wasn’t happy the other days, I was joyful being there in the midst of the ups and downs. Joy is a constant, it is saying “shit could be worse, I will do with I have”. To be joyful is to accept your sort and smile through it all. Happiness though is a gift, it truly is. No one can be happy all the time. Come on! It irritates me to hear how many think about happiness. Aaaaargh. Like addicts they seek it every day, a burst, a hit. That’s why they preach it at every corner when what they’re selling is a lie.

There are degrees to this thing, first is acceptance, then comes joy, favored at time with happiness and if lucky enough, a few times in our lives we will know elation, ecstasy, the ultimate of all positive sensation.

We are different beings, thus the different views, philosophy and understanding. We enjoy being unique but find it difficult accepting differences in others. Well, I seek to. I’m fascinated by differences. Yet despite that fact I must admit some of our differences can be quite irritating and upsetting when we try to shove them down other people’s throats, That’s what I appreciate about the biblical God! A God who bestowed the gift of will so he can be chosen, picked amongst all, selected. That’s why we have willpower. Hmmm the thought just occurred to me, how do proponents of evolution explain “willpower, personality, differences.” We never stop learning do we?

PS: if you’re one of those happiness is of your own doing people, please save me the lecture. My eyes can’t roll anymore. 🤣