What I’ve been missing!


I’ve been in a high for the past few days. I mean I feel close to my old self again. I’m not sure where it’s all coming from the chemical inducement or decline. Whatever it is I’m thankful. God has touched me with a taste of how I used to be though it came at a cost. He peeled my skin, though I’m not who I used to be or even comprehend life the way I believed it to be, I feel reborn, whole again, almost me but a somewhat better.

My pastor’s recent sermon title was: “when nothing is happening, something is happening”. This is the best way I could define it. I’ve been so low emotionally, tumbling, on this down dark tunnel and out if the blue, my senses came alive. This light all around me and everything feels different. The darkness or its causes stop to matter, they fade in the background of my awakening. I’m feeling like a woman, feminine, sexy, complete, powerful but I am assuming way. I have no expectation of anyone or any one thing. I just be. Yes, poorly stated as can be but yes, “I be.”

Dancing does that to me and I had jot been out dancing in far far too long. The rhythmic power of a heart dancing under the moonlight. It was beautiful, magnetic, vibrant. The moment was perfect in an instant. I haven’t stopped since. It still feels like I’m flying.

I feel good, really, really good and I don’t wish to lose that feeling at all, not for anyone or any one thing. My patients feel it too as I smile through all their complaints and manage to turn them rom unhappy babies to satisfied customers.


Life is feeling oh so so beautiful!

Shalom! Namaste! All the good be unto you and yours!


PS:  I always said if someone says they love me and do not take me dancing then they truly do not love me. How can you not want to make me happy? 😕😋