A little bit of love and happiness

6FF73DC8-D5F3-447F-8B7B-642CC389764CI’ve been asking this one question to as many people as I can: “What is love to you?” I have read so many different stories and quotes about love, that and happiness. We all experience them and on some level we believe they have a universal definition. Maybe the sensation is, surely not the experiences.

The more I study about love and happiness, the easier it has become for me to define what they are to me and how they present themselves. How I am loved versus how I feel loved are two different things. I try to explain this to my daughter whom I know in her own way loves me deeply. Her love stems from need and security. My presence brings her joy. For now, I am her rock and foundation. She loves me for what I bring to her which she attaches to who I am. And then one day she will love me, not out of need nor duty but because she will put me first instead of what I represent to her. Then, she will be loving.

What does love mean to me nowadays? Love is putting me first, today and always, most times, especially when I need it most and not in words but in acts of caring.

There is this kreyol word I associate with being loved “Kore m”.  Stand with me, don’t let me fall is the meaning. That’s love to me. Nothing else and nothing more.