In the nether regions of aloneness



Lack of a strong support system (emotional, psychological and financial)

We all need one. Even loners will attest, there are times when they need refueling. We,human beings are not meant to be alone, live lone, do alone for too long. This explains the success of social platforms. Loners, introverts, demand it. Though exhausted by what they feel can be too much or overpowering, they too need interaction whether it is for steam, to break boredom, sullenness, break fast from people. We need people in our lives.

To live alone, be alone in the midst of others is a happy medium for those who eschew contact with others. This could stem from past pain, mistrust caused and developed along the way. It could just be who we are, not liking people much or socializing much. No matter the tale, the time will come when we need people.

Do it long enough, and you can, I have and this for years and years, you will then reach a point where you must let go, need to let go as carrying the world, responsibilities on your shoulder on your own for too long will be a burden under which you will fall.

How do you build support in a world so selfish where everyone is busy taking from another and not giving and few, really few give but not what you need and hardly when you need it?

How do you make do when you have nothing left in you?

They say tears wash away the pain, but the hurt my dear stains. Tattooed on your psyche, poached, your core what more can they do?